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Who is Stretch*d right for?
What if I’m injured?
Can I get Stretch*d if I’m pregnant?
What if I’m not very flexible?
Are your Stretch*rs certified?
Do you take insurance?
Do you offer memberships?

Stretch*d Session

What is a typical Stretch*d session like?
Do I need to warm up beforehand?
Should I get Stretch*d before or after a workout?
Does it hurt?
What do I wear to get Stretch*d?
What is the benefit of a Stretch*d session compared to yoga, massage, and physical therapy?

Stretch*d Space

How early should I arrive for my session?
Do you have showers or changing facilities?

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The Stretch*d method

We developed the Stretch*d Method after years of working with all kinds of bodies: from pro-athletes to weekend warriors to those who simply experience the wear and tear of daily life (extensive sitting, driving, picking up children, etc).

We believe that dynamic, assisted stretching is the most effective form of stretching for all bodies. The Stretch*d Method will help you perform at your peak, improve your range of motion and posture, reduce pain, increase longevity and chill you out.