Our Story

We are wellness pioneers, business leaders and stretch experts who know the value of a good stretch.

About Us

Like you: We work hard. We workout hard. We schlep our stuff (and our kids) all around. We know the importance of stretching to counteract the wear and tear of life, but we’ve always found it hard (and dull) to do on our own. We developed Stretch*d to give you the space needed to make stretching enjoyable, convenient & effective. Why stretch yourself, when we can do it for you? Time to limber up!

Chief Stretch*rs


Jeff is a former Division I college distance runner whose passion for stretching started when he sustained a hip injury. Jeff has a Masters in Health Promotion from American University and has been working in sports therapy and stretching with college and professional athletes for over ten years.


Also a former college athlete (basketball at ECU), Jeremy holds a Masters in Applied Physiology from Columbia and has been stretching clients for 14 years. He trained for over ten years at a musculoskeletal therapy clinic and has stretched college and professional athletes around the world.

The Stretch*d method

We developed the Stretch*d Method after years of working with all kinds of bodies: from pro-athletes to weekend warriors to those who simply experience the wear and tear of daily life (extensive sitting, driving, picking up children, etc).

We believe that dynamic, assisted stretching is the most effective form of stretching for all bodies. The Stretch*d Method will help you perform at your peak, improve your range of motion and posture, reduce pain, increase longevity and make you more limber.