Our Pro Stretch*rs

Our expert Stretch*rs undertake extensive certification in our Stretch*d Method. With extensive bodywork backgrounds, including degrees and certifications in physical therapy, exercise science, massage, personal training, dance and yoga, our Stretch*rs are dynamic stretching experts.

Jeff Brannigan Program Director

Location: Flatiron

Background: Jeff holds a Masters degree in Health Promotion Management from American University. He has applied stretch therapy to Olympic athletes across all sports throughout the U.S. and Europe. He is excited to be back home in NYC and bring his program to Stretch*d after spending 10 years in Washington D.C.

Fave Way to Get Loose: A Quick*e! (at Stretch*d) duh.

Alicia W

Location: Flatiron

Background: Alicia has trained in Esalen Massage and Shiatsu, and has practiced yoga since age 14. She holds a degree in psychology-neuroscience-philosophy, and has taken courses in somatic practices, anatomy and physiology, and dance. She is passionate about movement as a tool for physical, mental and emotional health and self-discovery.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Visiting the mountains!

Allison M

Location: Rye Brook
Holding an AAS degree in Radiologic Technology, Alison spent her career working in trauma centers. Working closely with trauma patients inspired her to become more involved with recovery and rehabilitation.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Getting a full body stretch after work. Since being introduced to the Stretch*d Method, she's hooked!

Alyse K

Location: Rye Brook

Background: Alyse was a professional dancer at an early age and has been a dance instructor for the past 15 years. She received her M.A in ballet pedagogy from NYU and is also an ABT NTC certified teacher. She has always felt that stretching plays an important part in improving and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Laying out on a beach getting a tan or having a glass of red wine while listening to jams.

Bethany C

Location: Flatiron

Background: Bethany is a professional modern dancer who has performed and shown work both nationally and internationally. With a background in dance, yoga, and running, she has always been interested in safe and effective ways to recover.

Fave Way to Get Loose: A glass of red paired with hallway boogies.

Brandon L

Location: Flatiron

Background: Brandon is a certified yoga teacher and lifelong musician. He holds degrees in music and has toured extensively around the world. He is passionate about learning and sharing ways to improve the human experience through health and fitness.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Music, Meditation, and Yoga

Caitlin K

Location: Flatiron

Background: Caitlin is a former professional dancer, a NASM certified personal trainer, a certified Pilates instructor, and an avid marathon runner. This well versed athlete knows the importance of education, form, and motivation; her energy and competitive spirit will have you working your hardest.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Online shopping with a glass of wine!

Cathy W

Location: Rye Brook

Background: Cathy brings more than 25 years of fitness expertise to Stretch*d. A former competitive gymnast and dancer, and long-time pilates instructor, she fell in love with stretching as a perfect compliment to her fitness regimen. She is excited to help you become more flexible with every appointment.

Fave Way to Get Loose: I love baths! I scoop in epsom salt and eucalyptus oil and an occasional bath bomb.

Chris K

Location: Flatiron

Background: Chris’s love of physical activity was hindered in his twenties by a series of lower leg injuries. This inspired him to work in physical therapy, and explore other types of injury rehab. On his path towards healing he found diet, circus arts, stretching and climbing helped build full body strength and increased body/mind awareness.

Fave Way to Get Loose: To hang upside down from his feet in aerial silks, a tree, or on the Stretch*d inversion table!

David J

Location: Rye Brook

Background: As a fencing and martial arts teacher, has a passion for helping others realize their body's potential. As someone who’s constantly exploring new methods like stunt training, gymnastics, and ballet, he recognizes the value of stretching to prevent injury, recover strong, and achieve peak performance!

Fave Way to Get Loose: A walk on a nice day, eating and laughing with friends, and getting silly while recording a Youtube video!

Donna M

Location: Flatiron

Background: Donna began her career as an accountant, where she turned to yoga for work-life balance. She discovered a passion for helping people feel great through breath, movement and body work, and transitioned to health and wellness full-time. An E-RYT® certified yoga teacher, she is now a certified practitioner of the Stretch*d Method!

Fave Way to Get Loose: Mineral salt baths, laughter with great company, and getting stretch*d!

Eberly C

Location: Flatiron

Background: Eberly grew up dancing and her love for movement shaped her career in NYC. She has worked as a personal trainer, Thai massage therapist and body worker since 2012, helping clients move better and feel better.

Fave Way to Get Loose: She recently took up rock climbing and loves anything outside on a sunny day.

Elena R

Location: Flatiron

Background: Elena is a former competitive gymnast turned actor who has toured the country and performed on Broadway in various musicals. Elena has been involved in the fitness world as an instructor for indoor cycling and trampoline cardio, and as a lifelong athlete, she believes that the harder you work, the harder you should recover!

Fave Way to Get Loose: A pint of Halo Top and some reality TV

Emily G

Location: Flatiron

Background: As a dancer turned distance runner, Emily’s goal is to help as many people as she can find joy and healing through movement. She has a B.S. in Exercise Science from Brooklyn College, is a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, a UESCA Certified Running Coach, and a dedicated member of the NYC fitness/wellness community.

Fave Way to Get Loose: A sunrise workout with my running team and a large chocolate milkshake.

Emily S

Location: Flatiron

Background: Emily is a lifelong dancer, yoga practitioner, and general life enthusiast. She likes to make people laugh, cook food, and ride her bike.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Emily likes to trade sweet dance moves with her niece over Facetime, and lay in the sun whenever possible.

Hailey R

Location: Flatiron

Background: Hailey came to NYC to study commercial dance. This inspired her passion for helping people become their healthiest and strongest selves. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in medical massage therapy, and an ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Using the Hypervolt (she’s obsessed) and doing all water sports and activities!

Jason B

Location: Flatiron

Background: Jason has worked in fitness for over 12 years as a trainer, class instructor, and wellness researcher. He’s certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Yoga Alliance, and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and has had additional training in massage, pre- and post-natal exercise, and senior care. A former professional dancer and athlete, he’s been an avid stretch*r his entire career and is thrilled to be part our stretch quad!

Fave Way to Get Loose: Dancing, landscaping treebeds in Brooklyn, and walks in the park with his two sibling Schnauzers.

Jayze L

Location: Flatiron

Background: Jayze started his Stretch bodywork career in Hong Kong where he is also a Personal Trainer. As a Health Coach, he advocates functional mobility for healthy and optimal physical performance.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Enjoying and moving (walking) anywhere around New York City.

Joseph M

Location: Flatiron

Background: Joseph is a certified NASM personal trainer, yoga teacher, and FRC mobility specialist. He holds a B.S. in Applied Math and Statistics and an M.A. in Math Education. Having a strong commitment to community, he taught math for 12 years. His passion to help others also led him to teach functional movement. He believes when the body is free so too is the mind!

Fave Way to Get Loose: Getting on the yoga mat.

Julianna M

Location: Rye Brook

Background: Julianna holds a Bachelors Degree in Marketing Communications from Pace University and has been teaching dance and choreographing for the past six years. With her passion for dance and movement, stretching has been a big part of her recovery. She believes it is important to recover from the daily stresses your routine places on your body.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Being outside and listening to music.

Kassandra C

Location: Flatiron

Background: Kassandra is a NASM certified fitness and dance instructor. She has a great passion for movement, holding a BFA in Dance, and having performed with dance companies nationally and internationally. She is excited to help people feel their best through applying the Stretch*d method.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Playing in the sun, hot baths, or reading a great book

Karen-Jane W

Location: Flatiron

Background: Karen is a yoga teacher, personal trainer, and running coach who believes that every body is capable of more than we may think. She feels incredibly lucky to make a living by helping people better their performance, health, and lifestyle.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Reading a great book by a campfire or any outdoor physical activity.

Kristina Z

Location: Flatiron

Background: Kristina is a dancer / teacher / and personal trainer who strongly believes that a healthy body is key to enjoying a long and prosperous life!

Fave Way to Get Loose: Salsa Dancing!

Lenore M

Location: Flatiron

Background: Lenore is an actor and filmmaker with a background in dance and gymnastics. She is a certified Active Isolated Stretch practitioner, and enjoys working on active recovery with people from all different backgrounds.

Fave Way to Get Loose: My favorite dance class, or working on a new script!

Luis S

Location: Flatiron

Background: Luis holds a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science/Sports Medicine from Manhattan College. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with experience in rehabilitation and training. He is passionate about sports training and improving athletic performance, as well as overall health and physical activity.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Doing calisthenics, reading theology and singing the ABC’s with the nephew.

Mel G

Location: Flatiron

Background: Equal parts midwest chill and NYC hustler, Mel has been a dancer since age 6. In addition to contemporary modern dance, she has studied a variety of somatic practices, taken courses in anatomy and kinesiology, and holds a degree from The Ohio State University. She is a NASM certified personal trainer and enjoys sharing her knowledge with clients.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Netflix, beer, and buffalo cauliflower (it's the other white meat).

Nina A

Location: Rye Brook

Background: Nina began her fitness career as a group fitness instructor before becoming an E-RYT® certified yoga teacher, Reiki Master and Certified Life Coach. She is excited to use her experience working one-on-one with clients to help them achieve their wellness goals.

Fave Way to Get Loose: My favorite way to get loose is to put on my dance shoes and dance, dance, dance.

Michelle C

Location: Flatiron

Background: Michelle holds a B.S. in Exercise Science and Wellness Management from University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. She has a background in physical therapy/sports rehabilitation and experience in exercise physiology. As a former athlete and coach, she knows the benefits of stretching for performance, recovery and wellness.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Going for walks on a sunny day, photography and eating a nice piece of cake!

Nicole P

Location: Rye Brook

Background: Nicole has her B.S. in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine from Quinnipiac University. For the past eight years, Nicole has been a Certified Athletic Trainer working with athletes at various competitive levels. She enjoys encouraging body maintenance and injury prevention.
Fave Way to Get Loose:
Taking a drive while listening to a boss playlist

Patrick B

Location: Flatiron

Background: With an academic background in health, and a patient focused experience in the physical therapy field, Patrick loves helping clients at Stretch*d reach their goals, and set new ones.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Exploring new places and meeting new people.

Petra C

Location: Rye Brook

Background: Petra's knowledge of the body stems from a career as an elite synchronized swimmer and coach, with a Masters degrees in Swimming. Petra has a loves of teaching and helping other's achieve the most from their bodies.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Exploring new places and having coffee with friends.

Victor M

Location: Flatiron

Background: Victor holds a B.S. in Exercise Science, is a Swedish Institute graduate, NYS Licensed Massage Therapist and a certified Pilates instructor in all apparatus. Over the past 18 years he has helped people from all walks of life improve their health and physical performance - including competitive athletes, dancers, children and elderly.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Long distance cycling and hiking especially in the mountains of Vermont.

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