Our Pro Stretch*rs

All of our Stretch*rs are certified in the Stretch*d Method.

With extensive bodywork backgrounds, including degrees and certifications in physical therapy, massage, personal training, dance and yoga, our Stretch*rs are trained to help you feel great. Below, learn more about their hands-on experience and interests.

Jeff Brannigan Program Director

Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Background: Jeff holds a Masters degree in Health Promotion Management from American University. He has applied stretch therapy to Olympic athletes across all sports throughout the U.S. and Europe. He is excited to be back home in NYC and bring his program to Stretch*d after spending 10 years in Washington D.C.

Fave Way to Get Loose: A Quick*e! (at Stretch*d) duh.

Angel Blanco

Hometown: Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Background: Angel is a professional contemporary dancer and choreographer who is obsessed with movement research. He has a vast understanding for movement and how it correlates to the anatomical structure in motion. In his free time, he practices different styles of yoga and Pilates.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Through movement improv.

Bethany Chang

Hometown: Libertyville, Illinois

Background: Bethany is a professional modern dancer who has performed and shown work both nationally and internationally. With a background in dance, yoga, and running, she has always been interested in safe and effective ways to recover.

Fave Way to Get Loose: A glass of red paired with hallway boogies.

David Bakis

Hometown: Maine & Massachusetts

Background: After dabbling in semi-professional basketball overseas – alongside humanitarian work and peacekeeping in conflict zones ­– Dave swiftly committed to preventative stretching after a series of back-related injuries. Dave holds degrees in psychology and teaches meditation. He is most passionate about holistic health and the mind-body connection.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Reading anything on French Existentialism and going on meditative walks in the evenings.

Eberly Carro

Hometown: Oceanside, CA

Background: Eberly grew up dancing and her love for movement shaped her career in NYC. She has worked as a personal trainer, Thai massage therapist and body worker since 2012, helping clients move better and feel better.

Fave Way to Get Loose: She recently took up rock climbing and loves anything outside on a sunny day.

Emily Guth

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Background: As a dancer turned distance runner, Emily’s goal is to help as many people as she can find joy and healing through movement. She is a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, a UESCA Certified Running Coach, and a dedicated member of the NYC fitness/wellness community. She studies Kinesiology at Brooklyn College.

Fave Way to Get Loose: A sunrise workout with my running team and a large chocolate milkshake.

Emily Sarkissian

Hometown: Newburyport, MA

Background: Emily is a lifelong dancer, yoga practitioner, and general life enthusiast. She likes to make people laugh, cook food, and ride her bike.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Emily likes to trade sweet dance moves with her niece over Facetime, and lay in the sun whenever possible.

Jason Bayus

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

Background: Jason has worked in fitness for over 12 years as a trainer, class instructor, and wellness researcher. He’s certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Yoga Alliance, and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and has had additional training in massage, pre- and post-natal exercise, and senior care. A former professional dancer and athlete, he’s been an avid stretch*r his entire career and is thrilled to be part our stretch quad!

Fave Way to Get Loose: Dancing, landscaping treebeds in Brooklyn, and walks in the park with his two sibling Schnauzers.

Jayze Lee

Hometown: NY / Hong Kong / Philippines

Background: Jayze started his Stretch bodywork career in Hong Kong where he is also a Personal Trainer. As a Health Coach, he advocates functional mobility for healthy and optimal physical performance.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Enjoying and moving (walking) anywhere around New York City.

Kat Tolis

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA / Greece

Background: Kat has a background in gymnastics and is trained in Pilates and personal training. She is passionate about healing the mind and body through movement and nutrition.

Fave Way to Get Loose: Kickboxing, yoga and biking/running down the westside highway.

Kristina Zaidner

Hometown: Miami, Florida (Cuban-American)

Background: Kristina is a dancer / teacher / and personal trainer who strongly believes that a healthy body is key to enjoying a long and prosperous life!

Fave Way to Get Loose: Salsa Dancing!

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