Our Top Recovery Tips for 2020

You work hard, you work out hard — and you need to recover if you want to keep it up long term. Check out our tips on how you can benefit from this year’s hottest recovery trends.

#1 - Practice active recovery.

Rest day doesn’t mean sitting on your a** day. Instead of taking a day off entirely, spend some time to help your body actively recover. Low-intensity activities not only help reduce stiffness and soreness, they also help prevent more serious injuries from creeping up! Walking, yoga, foam rolling and (of course) stretching are some of our favorite ways to actively recover!


# 2 - Make recovery part of your routine.

Plan recovery like you plan your workouts. You know it's good for you—scheduling the time dramatically increases the chances that you'll do it.


# 3 - Sleep on it.

We all know sleep is good for us, but why is it good for recovery? Sleep enables us to recover, both physically and mentally, by promoting muscle growth and repair. In the different stages of sleep your body is repairing and replacing cells, regulating metabolism and removing toxins—not to mention the additional energy and mental alertness a good night's sleep provides. Trust us, the extra zzz’s are worth the time!


📷 Madison Mazzulo for Eight Sleep

#4 - Get some help from recovery tech

There’s a ton of new tools out there to help you recover faster, easier and more effectively—why not use them to your advantage?

Our favorites

#5 - Incorporate these buzz-worthy trends.

There’s a reason why you keep seeing them all over your feed—they work! Whether it’s getting a little extra sweaty, or braving freezing temperatures - we have some tips for how to add these trends into your recovery routine to help you achieve your goals.