Stretch Your Skillset

Stretch*d Academy equips you with skills to help your clients accelerate recovery, prevent injury and improve performance.

Stretch*d uses principles of active and dynamic stretching to provide the most effective, thorough and safe stretch, completely customized to the needs of any body. Developed by Masters-level musculoskeletal experts and performed on thousands of bodies—from office workers to athletes.

Level 1 Online Course


Learn the 15 essential movements for a full-body stretch. Specifically designed for trainers and fitness instructors looking to expand their skills, expand their client offering, and grow their income opportunities.

• Complete the course in under 3 hours (learn by video, written content & quiz assessment)

• Learn the physiological principles behind the Stretch*d Method

• Learn how to stretch clients of all body types

• Perform a full-body stretch in 20-minutes


Chief Stretch*rs


Jeff is a former Division I college distance runner whose passion for stretching started when he sustained a hip injury. Jeff has a Masters in Health Promotion from American University and has been working in sports therapy and stretching with college and professional athletes for over ten years.


Also a former college athlete (basketball at ECU), Jeremy holds a Masters in Applied Physiology from Columbia and has been stretching clients for 14 years. He trained for over ten years at a musculoskeletal therapy clinic and has stretched college and professional athletes around the world.

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