Recovery Tips Pre-workout stretches with FP Movement

We teamed up with FP Movement to show you how to get loose pre-workout

Staying loose when you're stuck at home

Now that you’re #stayinghome, it’s likely that you’re sitting more than ever. No commute, no trip to get lunch, no after work activities. Here are some tips to keep your body moving.

Advice Practice safe stretch

Think all stretching is the same? Not quite. Here's a look at why our Stretch*d Method of active, assisted stretching is the safest and most effective way to get loose.

Advice Stretch*s for better sex

When it comes to improving sex life, what people have trouble with most often is hip and low back mobility. Try the stretches below to target these problem areas—they'll help you get into some of the more challenging positions you've yet to try ;)

Recovery Tips Our Top Recovery Tips for 2020

You work hard, you work out hard — and you need to recover if you want to keep it up long term. Check out our tips on how you can benefit from this year’s hottest recovery trends.

Recovery Tips Stretching for desk workers

This one’s for all of our desk sitters—our peeps who work their a***s off behind the screens. Sitting at a desk all day causes a bunch of body issues that you may not realize. We’ve put together some tips to help you stay loose, even at your 9-5.