Why Stretch*d?

Why stretch yourself,
when we can do it for you?!


Assisted stretching is the ultimate way to get a deep stretch, safely and effectively. Our expert Stretch*rs take you through a customized stretch experience using dynamic stretch methods to gently build your flexibility and range of motion and all the while, chill you out.


Whether you sit front row at your spin class or at your desk clocking in overtime…getting stretch*d is for you. Stretch*d is for every age, every lifestyle, and every body.


Anytime is good! Pre- or post-workout. When you need 25 minutes to yourself. On your recovery day. When you’re feeling stiff.


Hips, hammies, back, biceps, neck and shoulders…we’ve got you covered. Got a particular problem spot? Not a problem for us, we’ll focus on what ails you.

New to Stretch*d?

How long should I get Stretch*d for?

That depends on your schedule and your goals. Whether you can sneak us in between appointments or dedicate an hour to self-care…Stretch*d will be the highlight of your day. Tight on time? A 25-minute (Quick*e) session will offer you a comprehensive full body stretch in no time. In a 55-minute (Flex*d) session, no muscle will go unstretched, with plenty of time to spend on problem areas. And in a 70-minute (E*longated) session, you will get extra time to focus on those extra tight spots (and to really relax). PLUS… we take walk-ins! No appointment, no problem. We can fit you in for 15 minutes if that’s all you’ve got.

Are your Stretch*rs certified?

All Stretch*rs have bodywork expertise and are certified in our proprietary Stretch*d Method. They come from a variety of backgrounds, including personal training, massage therapy, yoga instruction and professional dance. They are then trained by our meticulous Chief Stretch*rs.

Should I get Stretch*d before or after a workout?

Both have their benefits! A pre-workout stretch warms up your muscles, can reduce risk of injury and boost your performance. A post-workout stretch speeds recovery by flushing out metabolic waste, increasing blood flow and lengthening muscles that have just been contracted. It’s also super relaxing.

Do I need to warm up beforehand?

Nope! The Stretch*d Method is an active, dynamic stretch which provides increased blood flow to the muscles, so no warm up necessary. Bonus: We do have a stretch area with foam rollers, a stall bar and other stretch aids to compliment your session for pre- or post-stretch use.

How early should I arrive?

All new clients should arrive 10 minutes prior to your first Stretch*d session to receive an introduction, fill out a waiver and intake form, change clothes (if need be) and speak with your Stretch*r about specific concerns.

What do I wear?

Socks are required for all stretches, as well as clothing that allows us to stretch you out. Gym shorts, tights, sweats and t-shirts all stretch. Dresses, skirts, suits and jeans do not. If you don’t bring appropriate clothing, we have all items available to rent for a fee (t-shirt, sweats and socks for $3; socks only for $2).


The Stretch*d method

We developed the Stretch*d Method after years of working with all kinds of bodies: from pro-athletes to weekend warriors to those who simply experience the wear and tear of daily life (extensive sitting, driving, picking up children, etc).

We believe that dynamic, assisted stretching is the most effective form of stretching for all bodies. The Stretch*d Method will help you perform at your peak, improve your range of motion and posture, reduce pain, increase longevity and chill you out.

Chief Stretch*rs


Jeff holds a Masters in Health Promotion Management from American University. He has worked with professional athletes to clients with movement disorders and chronic injuries. He has used stretch therapy with Olympic athletes across all sports throughout the U.S. and Europe. Prior to Stretch*d, Jeff spent time as personal trainer, adjunct professor, musculoskeletal therapist and movement specialist in Washington, D.C.


Jeremy holds a Masters in Applied Physiology from Columbia University where he was a Sports Physiologist in the Human Performance lab. He has spent extensive time as a recovery specialist for elite athletes and is the US Squash Team’s Head Physiologist. He has been stretching all types of bodies for 14 years before developing the Stretch*d Method.